Sharing God’s Word

Our goal is to assemble Scripture portions of the Gospel of John and the Book of Romans to be used for distribution by local churches. This outreach is a part of fulfilling the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel (Matthew 28:18-20). These Scripture portions are assembled by our local church with equipment that is located at the Medora Activity Center.

Sharing God’s Word
Ron Stucky, Director

Our Mission – to help equip churches with God’s Word and to encourage them to follow God’s command to go into all the world, reaching and teaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Background – The vision to begin the “Word of the Lord” ministry came together after visiting a new church plant in Kansas City with Pastor Wayne Johnson and Bill Westover. This church had remodeled a formerly vacant and run-down building into a beautiful place to worship. Their budget for outreach materials into their community was, like many congregations, quite limited. I thought, “What this church needed was a few John & Romans booklets printed with their name on them that could be used for door-to-door evangelism, sharing of the Gospel, and inviting people to church.” Medora has experienced the fellowship time that results from assembling these booklets and the blessing of distributing them. The question and desire that was placed upon my heart was “Why not help this church to do the same?”

Little by little God led. The many different pieces of equipment needed to travel to churches and help them assemble their own John & Romans booklets for evangelism and outreach were provided by God: a cargo van, saddle staplers, and a Challenge 3 bladed shear. Ric Ratzlaff built and graciously gave many wooden boxes that were needed for the assembly process. By the grace of God, we are ready to embark upon this new ministry for God’s glory and furtherance of His Gospel.

Our Goals

  1. To assist and lead churches in the assembly of John & Romans booklets at an affordable price.
  2. To help churches assemble booklets (8″ x 5 1/4″) that could be used for Sunday school, devotionals, or Christian education, etc.
  3. To work in partnership with MCBC and Missions Revival.

Our Needs – For this ministry to succeed, God has to be in it. Renetta and I will need a lot of prayers. We will have to rely on the pastors of Medora Church to find qualified churches for us to do this mission work.

Our Thanks – We want to thank our pastoral leadership. Without their prayers, advice, encouragement and gentle nudges, I don’t think we would have completed the project.