Petru Badareu

Petru Badareu

My name is Peter and I was born, in 08 March 1989, in Republic of Moldova, in Floresticounty. I grew up in a Non Christian home and my father wasn’t a good model for me. In my family I never felt any security and protection that I needed.I finished the Gimnazium in my mother’s village and after that I studied in Construction College in Glodeni.  My desire was to become a builder and to build a house and a family better than what I had home. My wife is Maria and she was born in 01 July 1997.  I met her in mission field. I was going to visit an orphanage leading Bible lessons. She was in that orphanage  and she became a believer. And in 31 May 2014 we got married. My wife is now pregnant with our first baby. We are looking forward to have this baby and to grow this baby in the spirit of God’s teaching.

I came to know Christ because of my mother. When she become a believer she all the time took me in the church. I was 5-6 years old. But when I was 17 years old, I understood that I am a sinner and I need to repent. So I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I became member in “Holy Trinity” Church from Hijdieni, where I had a good pastor. He encouraged me to be involved in the ministry of local church.

So I start to do missions in the villages around our village.  Many times I am going with youth groups or children groups from our church from Hijdieni in villages around us preaching the Gospel.

Some of our struggles that we had was that we did not had a house where to live. But with God’s help some believers from Germany borrowed to us some money and we could afford a small house. Also we couldn’t have children, but we prayed God to give us children and now it is on the way to come our first children.

A great victory that we had in our mission field was that in the beginning I was so afraid to speak in front of people. But now I can see that God is giving strength and boldness to stand in front of people and to preach the Gospel. And also some young people came to know Christ as Lord and Savior through my ministry. To God be the glory.

My goals for the future in ministry are:

1.To lead my family with wisdom on the ways God want us to be.

2.To keep a holy life that God can use me.

3.And to bring others to Jesus Christ.