Dr. Christian Wei and Christian Way Missions


Christian Way Missions was founded under the direction of Dr. Christian Wei.
Dr. Christian Wei was born into a traditional Chinese family in Taiwan and followed all the Chinese traditions under Confucianism. He found no peace in heart therefore he started searching in Buddhism, Daoism and with no results.

After failed three times of the university entrance exam, he had to go to military in Taiwan. A colleague in the military came to him and invited him to a Church started by a faithful GFA missionary, Mrs. Myriam Faust, and her adopted son. He rejected the gospel in the beginning, thinking that Christianity was a foreigner religion and not for Chinese. But, the pastor gave him a book entitled, “Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God?” He struggled through the book and came to the end where the author asked 32 questions related to the moral of human behavior. He realized that he was a sinner and cried out to God to save him from his sins. He had the strong conviction of the Holy Spirit. That event occurred on September 10, 1978.

In 1982, he submitted to God’s calling to preach, and in 1986, Dr. Wei graduated from the Orient Fundamental Bible College in Taiwan. He was ordained to preach by Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. at his graduation. God continued to lead and direct Dr. Wei for His service. In August of 1986, Rev. Christian and his wife, Judy, left Taiwan to go to Bob Jones University for further Bible training. In May 1987, he received his M. A. in Theology. In May of 1992, he graduated from BJU with a Ph.D. in Theology. And in May of 1997, Dr. Wei received his Ed.D. in Education from La Salle University.

In 1986, some Christians including the Weis, who were burdened to reach out to overseas Chinese started a Chinese ministry in Greenville, South Carolina. Eventually, the group grew large enough to form a local church. In September 1987, Chinese Bible Church was established. Several coworkers interested in Chinese mission work graduated, and the church began supporting them. As the missions department expanded, the church felt it was time to form a missionary organization through which it could send missionaries to the Chinese throughout the world. In 1992, Chinese For Christ International was established as the first branch under the now larger Christian Way Missions, Inc., which also includes the divisions of India For Christ International and Myanmar For Christ International. Dr. Christian Wei is still active as the president of the mission board.
CFCI is a fundamental branch of CWM with the purposes of EVANGELISM- reaching out to the Chinese community throughout the world, EDIFICATION of believers, EDUCATION – including Christian schools, literature, and media evangelism, and EXPANSION – through the establishment of fundamental Bible believing churches, church schools, seminaries, and colleges. Its burden is to support the persecuted house churches in China, reach out to the Chinese worldwide, and fulfill the Great Commission.

God brought Eucon and Christian Bible Church here it gave us an immediate ministry. We educate, love to Christ, teach the Gospel, and pour our lives into 170 students from 7:30 to 3:30 Monday through Friday, and on Wednesdays until 9:30 PM. On the weekends when the children have nothing to do and no place to go, we at Christian Bible Church get to take them on outings to explore God’s wonderful nature sites on this island. Many children and young people have made decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and some have expressed a desire to know more about God and obey His Word.

The Christian Bible Church, EUCON International School of Saipan (EISS) are the primary activities of Chinese Bible Church International, Inc. Christian Bible Church was established to provide an English worship service for the missionary teachers who would come to be trained not only through the ministries of the church but also at EISS. The church also provides a place for evangelizing and making disciples of school students and their families as well as the local island peoples. We hope to start a Christian camp ministry in the near future to better minister to the young people and the families on our island. Please pray that God will open this door. EUCON International School of Saipan was providentially and miraculously established in the spring of 1998. Shortly after Dr. Wei sensed the Lord’s leading to establish a place to train missionaries in an international environment, God led a Korean builder to offer to build a school without any up-front expense to the school or mission. God provided a building in 4 months’ time to house EUCON International School of Saipan. EUCON means “excellent light”, and it is with that primary purpose of spreading the excellent light of the Gospel that our international school was established.

The other purposes are two-fold. First, it is to provide a place to train missionary teachers. Saipan is a good place to train foreign missionaries to reach Asian peoples especially because of the multi-ethnic groups on the island. One of the biggest missionary training outreaches we have is to the Chinese through the growing, God-blessed Chinese ministry of the Christian Bible Church. Since 1994 our mission board has participated in evangelism and discipleship training in outreaching the Chinese in this island. We are presently engaged in these same ministries as well as conducting English classes for those interested. Our faculty has had many opportunities to use our gifts of service in music ministry, providing transportation, and being available to help in any way we can at the Chinese ministry of Christian Bible Church.

Saipan is the best place to reach the Chinese at this time because of the 12,000 factory workers that are here under contract from the Mainland China. Here they are free to hear the Gospel. Here they can be trained in the EUCON International College started in 2001 under the direction of Dr. Wei. The church always has newcomers and always has those who are seeking the truth and find Christ. It is a very exciting ministry. The ministry to the local islanders and the school classroom of children are also wonderful opportunities for teachers’ training and are the main training opportunities as missionary teachers.
The second purpose of EUCON International School is to provide a place for Christian education for the peoples on the island of Saipan. We have Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chamorro, Carolinian, Russian, Afro-American, Caucasian, Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Hawaiian-Pakistani, and more. From the beginning, the school has had the support of the governor and the mayor of Saipan. The school is a member of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools and the American Association of Christian Schools. God is leading many dedicated Christians to serve and to train at Eucon International School.

In 1999, Dr. Wei saw the need to provide American college education to reach out more Asian students here and aboard. Thus, he started the long processing of establishing EUCON International College here on Saipan. Many obstacles did not stop him. On September 1, 2001, EUCON International College obtained her first provisional license from local government agent, and later on December 20, 2002, EUCON International College has been granted a full licensure. On November 29, 2005, EUCON International College was granted candidate status for accreditation through the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), a body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Candidacy confers upon EUCON International College the privileges of accreditation. This status indicates that EUCON has achieved initial recognition and is progressing toward full accreditation. By unanimous vote, the TRACS Commission of Accreditation concurred that EUCON “has provided evidence of sound planning and the resources to implement its plans and appears to have the potential for attaining its goals within a reasonable time.”
With the college ministry, we can reach out to more Asian students in different countries and preach to them the message of Jesus Christ. Many students came to the college and many have made the decision to trust Christ as their personal Savior.

The Timothy and Titus Training Program
The Timothy and Titus Training program is a program to train national pastors and preachers. Our vision is to reach into the heart of Communist China and permeate it with
God’s eternal truth. Because China is a “restricted access nation” we are unable to go door to door inviting people to accept the truth of God’s Word. But “restricted access”
does not equal impossible. God has given us creative minds and innovative solutions to share Christ with the souls in China. A few years ago God impressed a burden for the Chinese on the heart of some Fundamental leaders of the American churches. This group of men met to discuss how they could penetrate such a closed country with the Gospel. Not long after, Dr. Wei was put into contact with. God had laid a similar burden on the hearts of Dr. Wei. When the leaders of the group told Dr. Wei of their burden for China, Dr. Wei told them of some possibilities to make their vision possible. This is how the Timothy and Titus Training program was born. Dr. Wei found a secure location near China to host the training. Many faithful godly men have joined in this project.

Since its inception, the Timothy and Titus Training program has graduated 12 classes of house church leaders. The graduates have already done much good work in the mainland China. They have established many stations and house churches and at least three training centers already. Dr. Wei went to visit some of the ministries that they have established which cover at least two third of China. It is exciting to see how God has chosen to bless!
God is doing great things with this program! Will you join us in prayer or in person that God will continue to breach this “restricted” area, the 10-40 window, with the truth of His Word?

Christian Education Training and Church School Movement
In 2013, Dr. Wei felt that the time was right to promote the Christian Education to the house churches in China. Thus, he started the training of Christian Educators from the house churches. The ministry is very successful and now there are at least 25 house church schools which have been established and more than a hundred Christian Educators were trained. In addition, many Christian parents were taught biblically about their responsibility to educate their children in God’s Way. The Bilingual text books are on the way to supply the needs for the church school and home school movement in China. The goal is to train the children of the house churches to be the Great Commission Christians in order to reach out to all nations.