Dumitru Chitoraga


My name is Dumitru and I was born in the village of Ciuciulea, in the county of Glodeni. My parents worked for a large part of their lives overseas in Russia, thus I spent a large part of my childhood without parents. Our grandmother was the one who took care of us.

I went to school in my village and my favorite activities were playing checkers and shooting. I participated in many competitions. At school my dream for the future was to find work, so that I could earn my own money.

I met my wife Tatiana (Tania for short) at the college where I studied and I liked her because she was the most beautiful of all the girls at the college. So on 5th May 1990 we got married. Together we have 3 children: Alex (1991), Veronica (1994) and Ieremia (2014). Presently, Alex is studying at the Bible college in Chisinau and working as a computer programmer. Veronica is married and has a small child and Ieremia is with us and we are joyful together in the Lord.

The most important day in my life, is the day of my repentance or rather the day when God caused me to be born again. This happened while I was listening to the Christian Radio station “Micul Samaritean” (The little Samaritan).

We were the only evangelical Christian family in our village. So I felt the desire to preach the gospel in our village, so that others would come to know the Lord Jesus. This motivated me to enroll at the Center for Biblical Instruction at Emanuel Church. With the help of Emanuel Church, we were able to buy a house right in the center of our village, we renovated it and now we use it as our church building. We had a lot of opposition from the Orthodox priest in the village, but together with members of the Emanuel Church from Balti, we actively got involved in serving people in the village and now people have started to change their attitude to us, evangelical Christians.

Furthermore, with the help of young people from Emanuel Church, we organized a daytime camp where Pastor Wayne Johnson was also present and shared the gospel.

Again this summer at the children’s and teenagers’ camps organized by Emanuel Church, we were able to send 15 children and 10 teenagers from our village. I was glad that after the camp, on the journey home, they were singing the whole way Christian songs learned at the camp. We are praying and trying to continue our ministry to them.

Another big blessing that we had was on 4th May 2015 at the baptism service at Emanuel Church, where four people from our village were also baptized. Praise the Lord!