Adrian Gherman

Adrian Gehrman Family

I was born in the city of Balti, in the Republic of Moldova. In my parent’s family, there are two children; my sister Alina and I. Alina is a Christian, married and expecting a baby. My mother is a cook and makes some of the most delicious ‘Placinte’ (pastries). My father is a carpenter and helps me in the construction of doors and windows. My parents aren’t Christians.

My childhood wasn’t always rosy, although there were beautiful moments; I had the chance to go to Christian camps and attend Sunday School. There were also unpleasant, horrible moments; my father abuses alcohol and often at home there were arguments, tears and even fists…..

I attended the Law High School, after which I graduated from the Law Faculty at the State University “Alecu Russo” in the city of Balti. I played chess, checkers, table tennis and volleyball. I hosted some seasonal celebration meetings and competitions. I was a member of the student committee at university and after I became a Christian, I was also a member of the ‘Community of Christian Students’ organization. It was very simple to become a prosecutor.

I met Arina (my wife) at the “Speranta” Christian center in Balti, led by Brother Constantin Cheptea. It was probably at a special evening for young people. There were many things that attracted me to Arina, but here are a few: her sincerity, her desire to serve God and she was God’s answer to my prayers. Our wedding celebration was on August 23rd, 2008. God has blessed us with two children: a girl and a boy. Marc is 6 and Andreea 3 years old. They are very sweet. Both attend a kindergarten. Sometimes they like to go, sometimes not. Next year, Marc will start going to school. He likes to play chess, do puzzles and strongly wants to go with me on my travels. Andreea likes to sing and she likes to know that she is beautiful. She likes to ask many questions and she likes chocolate and meat a lot.

My birthday is January 19th; My wife Ariana birthday is July 19th; Our son Marc birthday is August10th; And our daughter Andreea birthday is November 8th.

Since I was little, my mother encouraged me to go to Sunday school, so that I would know as much as possible about God and follow Him in everything. That’s the way it was, although the years passed, I grew up and it came time for me to go High school. There my life changed for the worst, I didn’t want to go to Church anymore. God wasn’t now my priority, but instead my friends and the worldly things that I am now ashamed to think about. During this time in which I was in the world, deep in my soul I was longing for a Holy life, longing for God. Now, I realize that the longing was the seed of the word rooted inside of me, which was exhorting me to return home, to not live in sin anymore and to seek reconciliation with God. So one summer day, after I had finished my first year at university, I was invited by a friend, who was a Christian, to go on July 10th, 2005 to the “Speranta” festival where Franklin Graham was preaching. I accepted the invitation and after the sermon, where the gospel of Jesus Christ was presented, I gave my life to God, accepting Him as my Lord and Savior.

Before getting involved in the ministry of Emanuel Church in the village of Rautel, I was a member of Emanuel Church in Balti, the church pastored by Brother Constantin Cheptea, and also I finished the courses at Emanuel Christian Bible Center from Balti. There I was involved through occasional preaching of God’s word and my wife through conducting the choir.

During that time, I went through many situations in life that put in me the desire to be used by God and I started to pray about this. God gradually drew my attention to the Emanuel Church in Rautel, the church pastored by Brother Anatol Scherbaniuc, who is my father-in-law. I approached him and told him about my desire to be more involved in God’s work and that I want to do this through Emanuel Church in Rautel. He agreed and was very glad. In the beginning, I got involved by preaching God’s word, but after a few months, Brother Anatol Scherbaniuc suggested to me to serve the church by becoming a pastor. I didn’t accept straight away. First of all I prayed, then I spoke with other brothers and pastors and eventually I accepted. I was presented to the church, the church prayed about it and on September 14th, 2014 I was ordained as the pastor of the Emanuel Church in Rautel.

For me all events from the pastoral ministry are recent:

In the month of May, I had my first new testament baptism, where two souls were baptized; in the month of July, we organized a daytime camp at the village stadium, where 150 children between 8 and 13 years old attended; since this autumn, we have started a children’s club to which approximately 40-45 children come; I have started a chess club at the village school where about 20 students come and finally, we have begun the construction of a new church building.

I haven’t had big problems in ministry yet and I hope that I won’t have them! One of the main victories that I have had is that I can be in the school, alongside the students. I very much wanted to be involved in the school by teaching the Bible, so that I could teach children truth from the Holy Scriptures. The school principal however didn’t allow me. I prayed about this and I thought that it would be good, if I taught the children to play chess, as they like it a lot. I went again to the school principal and I told her that I wanted to organize a free chess club for the students. She was very glad and gave me permission. Now I am alongside the students. At the moment 20 students attend, but I know there will be more. I want to get close to them, so that eventually I can present the gospel to them, invite them to the children’s club at our church and that they will become disciples of Jesus Christ. May the Lord help!

For the future, I want to put the emphasis on ministry to the children and young people in the village. I want to organize a day center for children who come from socially vulnerable families. I want to organize daytime camps for children as efficiently as possible. We were thinking this year to organize a camping trip for boys from 14 to 16 years old, to get them out of the house, away from the internet, but we didn’t manage it because we didn’t have enough finances. We are hoping though, with God’s help, to definitely organize this camp next year. I want to thank you for the material support that you offer my family. I thank you from my heart. May God bless you and reward you for what you do! Much grace!